Performance Swing Stage is an Equal Opportunities Employer. We have occasional openings for employees. If you wish to submit your qualifications to be considered for positions as they open, please submit an application using this downloadable PDF file.

Please download the PDF file, print it and complete it. Then scan and send it back to 

Thank you for your interest in working at Performance Swing Stage

Employment Application

Performance Swing Stage Company Philosophy

We like our company and what we do, unconditionally.

We are professionals. Professionals are calm and sure about what they do. They are not threatened by the opinions of others, rather they welcome others ways of thinking, other ideas and information about the possibilities that are open to them.

Professionals respect each other and treat all people with great respect.

We are committed to gathering the best people, using the best equipment and serving the best customers.

We will employ only the best in our business and build a strong team, which is bound together by a desire to work together to provide our customers the best and safest work environment.

We will demonstrate responsible financial judgement in all of our dealings with customers and employees.

We will promote stability and security in our work place and encourage stability and security in the lives of our employees.

We’re in the safety business and we will always be our own best customer when it comes to safety.

We are in the business of providing access to difficult places.

We go to great lengths to provide a safe work environment at great heights.

As we grow our business, we generate resources to benefit our company, our customers, and our employees.